the Witlof Recycle Project

With our Recycle Project we want to contribute in our way to a more sustainable and healthy world

How does it work?

Put your used and empty packaging into the recycling waste and get a discount on your next purchase of Witlof Skincare. We are not going to check, we do not need proof, we just assume that you are honest when you say that you have recycled the packaging. Good karma goes a long way.

  • Our cardboard boxes can be disposed of with the waste paper
  • Our plastic bottles and pumps can be disposed of with the separated plastic waste
  • Our glass bottles can go with the glass waste

leave your email address here and receive a discount on your next witlof purchase

    I solemnly promise that I have sorted and separated my empty Witlof skincare packaging according to the guidelines of my local counsil.

    The collection of seperated waste works differenty in every municipaity. To find out how best to seperate your waste, check with your local authority.


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