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Skincare can be complicated. We are here to help. Book a free consultation, do the skintest or read our blog on ingredients in skincare. Our mission is to make everybody aware of what goed on your skin,so you can make a healthy choice, you support your natural beauty and your skin can shine!

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Not sure what to choose as skincare products? Don’t know what type of skin you have? Take the test and find out in just two minutes! We’ll let you know which products match your results, naturally.

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Have you done the skin test but are you not sure if it is correct? Do you have specific questions about your skin or special challenges?

Caroline, co-founder of Witlof Skincare, has over 12 years of experience in natural skincare and has already provided thousands of people with appropriate advice. Advice that goes further than just which product suits your skin. Think of diet, for example, but also intolerances or your specific lifestyle can affect the condition of your skin.

Let us help you and book a free 15 minute one-on-one skin consultation.

Cis en Caroline van Witlof


"Be in the Know"

Do you want to know more about healthy skincare? What does it mean? What are healthy and what are less healthy ingredients used in cosmetics? How do you read an ingredient list? What happens if you put mineral oils on your skin every day?

To all these questions and more, you will get the answers in our Masterclass.

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How to take care of your natural beauty and more…



It's often women who suffer from continuously red, painful skin with bumps. Sometimes even a diagnosis is given: rosacea. But what is it? And how do you best deal with it? Rosacea is a skin condition in which the skin is chronically inflamed. The skin is red, with...

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is super popular. Both the body and the skin need it to be healthy. But what is it exactly? And what does it do exactly? Witlof Skincare skin expert Caroline van Eeuwijk explains. What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is, among other things,...

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Retinol (or vitamin A) has been a super-popular ingredient in many skincare products for a while now. But what exactly is retinol? And what does it do for your skin? In this blog, Witlof Skincare skin expert Caroline van Eeuwijk tells you everything you need to know...

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Balancing Toner

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Cleansing Mousse

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Cleansing Mousse 50ml

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Witlofer's Review

The Balancing Toner is my absolute favourite. Love the scent and easy to use. A close second is the Regenerating Oil Serum. Perfect structure and protects my skin against couperose.