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Champagne! Why we use Paracress in our Refreshing Eye Cream

24 March 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

We have added the extract from the Acmella Oleracea plant (also called Paracress) to the Witlof Skincare Refreshing Eye Cream. Scientific research has shown that after using the cream twice a day for 28 days, you will experience fewer deep lines and crow’s feet in the vulnerable skin around the eyes.

The Paracress plant originally comes from South America. The flower buds and leaves have a spicy, peppery and refreshing taste with a tingling sensation on the tongue.


 It is widely used in cooking, but outside the kitchen, Paracress is also used for its mild sedative effect. It has traditionally been used as a quick painkiller for toothache, headache, asthma and fever. The active ingredient in Parakers is called Spilanthol.

Paracress is also known as ABC herb or Champagne leaf. The latter name refers to the tingling sensation in the mouth when eating it

 and the aftertaste of Champagne, a real experience!

In English, besides Paracress, the plant also has the beautiful names Electric Daisy or Spilanthes, but also Toothache plant, because it is traditionally used as a painkiller for tooth and toothache.

You will not feel it tingling when using our Refreshing Eye Cream, but it does have a smoothing effect. Try it for yourself!

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