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Natural sunscreens : zinc oxide

5 May 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

It’s almost time for sun, sea and beach. To enjoy your healthy natural skin for as long as possible, it is important to regularly apply a natural sun protection cream. But what exactly is natural sun protection? And what are the benefits? Our Witlof skin expert Caroline van Eeuwijk explains.

Why natural sunscreens?

Natural sun protection does not contain chemical sun filters, but is made based on the mineral filters zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which are usually used together. Zinc oxide is a very good filter because it reflects UV radiation and prevents the radiation from penetrating the skin.

Zinc oxide is obtained by burning the mineral zinc, as well as by thermal decomposition of the components zinc hydroxide, zinc carbonate and zinc nitrate. It works against both UVA and UVB rays, so perfect for optimal protection.

The Benefits

Whereas a standard sunscreen with chemical filters often contains drying mineral oils, perfumes that can react with sunlight and the filters are sometimes even toxic, a natural sunscreen with zinc oxide forms a harmless barrier on the skin. Recent studies also show that chemical sunscreens can cause itching and eczema on the skin, where a natural filter in a sunscreen does not (NCBI – WWW Error Blocked Diagnostic, 2003).

However, a natural filter can leave a white haze on the skin. Therefore, many skincare brands choose to use nano-technology to get rid of the white effect. Witlof Skincare solves it in a different way. Several techniques have been developed today to counteract the white haze effect in other ways, without the use of nano-technology.

Last, but by no means least, is the fact that it is now prohibited in some parts of the world to use chemical sunscreens, because it affects the coral beds in the ocean. Natural sunscreens like zinc oxide are harmless to coral reefs and safe to use everywhere. Reef-safe we call it ;).

The Witlof Way

Witlof Skincare offers several natural sun protection products with a high UVA- and UVB-protection factor 30. The products not only protect the skin but also nourish and care for it intensively with vitamins, antioxidants and for example hyaluronic acid. They are 100% natural, reef-safe and free of nanoparticles. To make your summer skin routine complete. Celebrate natural beauty!

Don’t know which products you need? Schedule a free skin consultation with Caroline

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