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Kim Lammers about Witlof Skincare

22 June 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Kim Lammers, a former professional hockey player, was never much into skincare. Until she found out that all those hours in the burning sun on the hockey field caused some skin damage, she started to look into it more. What products does she use? What is important to her when choosing her skin care products? In this article Kim Lammers talks about her experience with skincare and Witlof Skincare.

What does clean beauty mean to you?

I think it’s important that what I use in skincare is good for my skin and good for nature at the same time. In addition, it has to be quick and easy. I’m not the type to spend an hour with cotton wool.

What is your skincare routine? And do you have a ‘joy’ moment that you want to share?

Like I said, quick and easy. I clean my face every night. Then I take care of my skin with a cream. My morning routine is basically the same. Once in a while I try to give my skin an extra treat by having it checked at a skin clinic around the corner from me. That’s a real ‘enjoy’ moment for me.

What are your favourite products from Witlof Skincare?

I have quite dry skin. That’s why I really like the Pure Argan Oil. For cleansing, the Cleansing Mousse is my absolute favourite. Also very nice.

Do you look into the ingredients of products before you choose a cosmetic? What criteria do you use for yourself?

I definitely don’t put anything on my face. Ik vind daarnaast duurzaamheid ook erg belangrijk. Ik check bij producten altijd of er geen microplastics in zitten. If I like something, I am not so quick to change my product.

Fast effect or slow improvement?

Really honest? I did not used to be so concerned about it. I never used to apply lotion. Last year, I had a skin scan and all those hours of training in the sun caused quite a bit of skin damage. I now apply factor 30 every day. So, not so much a quick effect, but more how to take good care of my skin and how to pay some attention to it every day.

Recycled plastic packaging or glass packaging?

Of course recycled, but that applies to both plastic and glass and the paper packaging. Always separate everything neatly.

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