Do the Detox

Do you want to take better care of your skin but don’t know where to start?

Then start with a skin detox and follow these steps.

  1. Stop using all products (including make-up, foundations and sunscreen products) which contains any of the following ingredients:
    • – mineral oil
    • – paraffin / paraffinum / paraffinum liquidum
    • – microcrystalline wax / cera microcrystallina
    • – petrolatum
    • – vaseline
    • – ozokerit / ceresin
    • – dimethicone / cyclomethicone
  2. Cleanse your skin twice a day with Witlof Cleansing Mousse and then spray the Witlof Balancing Toner on your face to restore the skin’s natural pH balance. As an extra measure we recommend using the Witlof Smoothing Peel once a week for added exfoliation. Shop the complete Witlof Detox Set here.
  3. Keep detoxing your skin this way for at least two, preferably four weeks, without using a cream or oil. After about 28 days, all skin cells in your face have been renewed and during that period your skin has removed most of the residues of synthetic substances, perfumes and mineral oils that have built up on your skin.
  4. For the first few days you may experience a tight feeling, or bumps, spots or or flakes may develop. Do not be alarmed by this. Give your skin time and you will see that it soon returns to its natural balance.

Your skin will be healthier and cleaner than ever before and function better. As a result, it no longer shines, is no longer dry or dull but balanced and radiant!


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