There are many creams that promise to make you look 10 years younger but the ingredients used are often not good for your skin. We, Caroline & Cis, founded Witlof Skincare for you to discover and experience the benefits of using 100% natural skin care products.


We want everyone to understand what healthy skincare is: what ingredients truly benefit your skin and which cosmetic ingredients are better to avoid or are even harmful. Want to know more? Read our blog ‘know what you put on your skin!’

We also regularly give workshops on ingredients in cosmetics. If you want to know more or sign up, please send us an email on hello@witlofskincare.com. We will let you know when the next workshop or tutorial is planned.

Natural skincare also goes hand in hand with a better environment. With our choice of packaging, specific organic ingredients and our recycling project, we want to contribute in our way to a more sustainable and healthier world.


Caroline: “When I was seventeen, I had all kinds of allergic reactions and no cause was found for them. From that moment on I started to study nutrition and its influence on your body. How a healthy way of life can ensure that you suffer less from allergic symptoms, for example. Besides nutrition, ingredients, healthy living, detox cures and how to manage your stress with yoga and meditation, I also studied what you put on your skin. At that time, I was still a lawyer at an international firm but then stopped to be able to fulfil the need to make people aware of the effects of healthy living. That’s when I opened C. Cosmetics in Amsterdam, the first ecoluxury spa and beauty shop in one.

From here I started with the workshops “Know what to put on your skin”. This allowed me to create awareness about skin care, advise and inform people. We also offered a balanced collection of pure products in the shop and salon. However, sometimes I just missed a certain product with a beautiful brand, or I noticed that the clean products were sometimes not within everyone’s budget. This was the beginning of Witlof Skincare…Cis and I have known each other for 20 years and when we talked about the changing world, our conscious lifestyle and the need to do the same with our work, everything fell into place”.

Cis: “I come from the business world and worked for various international companies, including a major food manufacturer. After years of developing and launching new products, a conscious and healthy way of living became more and more important. As a result, selling mostly unhealthy products started to bother me and I started looking for something I really supported and felt passionate about.

At that time, I also became a mother and started using skincare brands that were natural and organic. When I talked to Caroline about C. cosmetics and the desire to develop my business, everything fell into place. I had a lot of experience in developing and launching new products that I felt truly passionate about.

We decided to continue together from Amsterdam and London, pooled our knowledge and developed Witlof Skincare. A natural skincare brand with healthy products that are effective, smell good, look good and have an accessible price. ‘For everyone who wants to stay beautiful in a healthy way.’

Witlof Cis en Caroline

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