100% Natural skincare that
brings out the best in you.

100% Natural skincare that brings out the best in you.

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Healthy skin is glowing skin

Witlof Clean Dutch Skincare is made with 100% natural ingredients and a lot of love.

Why? Because at Witlof Skincare we care about healthy and balanced skin. Because healthy skin is glowing skin.

When we developed Witlof Skincare we chose only plant-based ingredients. The combinations of soothing flower waters, restorative oils and plant extracts provide vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and soften your skin, visibly improving it.


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Viviënne van den Assem
Actress & Presenter

‘The Balancing Toner is number one. It smells so good and it’s easy to use because of the spray. Next to it is the Regenerating Oil Serum. Nice and full and protects me well against the beginning of rosacea.’


viviënne van den assem

Ilse de Lange
Singer Songwriter

‘The Witlof products are very gentle and easy to use. I like to use simple and effective products because I have sensitive skin. That’s why I now use the Cleansing Mouse, Balancing toner, Regenerating Oil Serum and the Smoothing Peel.’


ilse de lange

Maroesja de Ruyte
Beauty & health editor & Yoga teacher

‘What I like about Witlof is that the quality is high. The combination of natural ingredients and effectiveness makes your skin more beautiful.’


Maroesja de Ruyte

Hanna Verboom
Founder Cinetree.nl & Getitdone.org, Filmmaker

‘The best ingredients and affordable. The cleansing mousse with vitamin C, rose hip and ginger, for example, is my favourite! Developed by Cis and Caroline. After years of owning a shop in organic skincare (c cosmetics), they decided to start their own skincare line.’


hanna verboom

Suzanne Verberk
Professional Make-up Artist

‘I mix the facial cream with the balancing toner, that way I can massage my face well and my skin is well-moisturised before I start with the make-up. Personally, I love the cleansing mousse, it makes my skin really fresh and soft.’


Suzanne Verberk

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